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The Revolution’s strength is the terrorists’ worse punishment

barbados terrorismoThe perpetuators of the Barbados crime died with impunity, rewarded and encouraged. They spoke brazenly of their cold-blooded acts, under the protection of the “liberties” provided by the empire, a paradise for criminals

What thoughts, what images, what sensations filled their thoughts, minutes before the explosion: The longed-for homeland? Havana laid out before their eyes, to be admired from the plane’s windows as it descended to the runway?

Waiting were perhaps smiles, hugs, kisses from those trembling in anticipation… Perhaps on the island, the shared glances gave away some anxiety, announcing episodes of maternal pride, ready to shout, “There’s my champion, my son.”

But the words were drowned in tragedy. The innocent caresses, the desire to cling to a father’s neck and tell him everything learned during the days away, were left hanging. They could never be spoken, they would never be heard. What inconclusive tenderness! What longing destroyed!

And up there, at an altitude of some 6,000 feet, around noon on Wednesday in Barbados, what plans, what hopes would be nurtured in the last conversations before the end?

Anecdotes, perhaps, of the struggle for the gold medals won in the Central American fencing competition, where they had produced a sweep. The Olympic cycle was beginning; Moscow was on the horizon for the 24 athletes, almost all under 20 years of age. They had dreams of climbing the podium to glory, but their dreams were destroyed.

They had won all their matches in Caracas, and as they celebrated, with high spirits, high above, where they could not defend themselves, they were dealt the final, devious, unexpected blow, from despicable terrorists paid by the United States.

With the Barbados airport still in sight, the Cubana Airlines Flight 455 exploded and plunged into the sea. The plane fell, as 73 lives ascended to the altar of our memory and the indignation of a “vigorous and virile” people.

To their names, and those of the victims before them, the same hatred would add more. On October 6, 1976, 57 Cubans were massacred, and the total has reached 3,478, all as a result of intolerance made in USA.

The perpetuators of the Barbados crime died with impunity, rewarded, encouraged. They spoke brazenly of their acts, under the protection of the “liberties” provided by the empire, a paradise for criminals. There is no difference between the blow the Barbados terrorists delivered with the cold-blooded statement: “We planted the bomb, so what,” and the calm of the shooter who machine-gunned the Cuban Embassy in Washington last April, when he said: “I would have shot the Cuban ambassador.”

As Fidel said, there is no worse punishment for them than “the Revolution itself, its efforts, its successes, its victorious march.”

(Source: Granma)

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